September 27, 2012

Fuel efficiency update, 2012 Golf TDI

Went to fill up the tank today. It had gone without seeing the pump nozzle for one month and one day. So far, the fuel economy in this 2012 VW Golf TDI has been:
38 mpg around town (25 and 40 mph limits)
45 mpg highway (mostly 65-70 mph)

Beats the EPA spec of 30 / 41 mpg (cty/hwy).

Still, it's on the gas-guzzler side of the average car sold in Europe in May 2012. There is a whole lot of room for improvement - that can be quickly and cheaply implemented. A lot of those European sippers are cheaper to buy, simply because they have smaller engines than the over-powered vroom-vroom ones they've sent over to the US so far. Let's ask for those sippers!


Today, I brought to school:
3 growing children
3 bulging backpacks
2 lunch bags
1 cello
1 viola
1 clarinet
1 walker (CelloPlayer's friend had broken a leg)
1 52" bow (for Michaelmas celebration; no arrows)

It wasn't even uncomfortably full. Is why I love this car.

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