June 26, 2012

Drive Less Challenge

Every Wednesday, the Reduce Footprints blog puts up a challenge for, well, reducing our footprints on the planet. It's usually something interesting that makes you think about what you're doing. This weeks' challenge is right up CelloMom's alley:

"This week we're going to track the driving trips which WE DON'T TAKE. Yep ... for every time that you walk, ride a bike or simply choose not to make a trip, keep track of it. At the end of the week, please come back and share how many miles you didn't drive (and money saved, etc, if you also track that information). We'd also like to hear about your strategy for meeting this challenge. This is based on an article in the Wall Street Journal entitled The Road Not Taken May Be a Key to Driving Less."

Monitoring how much you drive apparently helps you reduce both your trips and your total mileage. The WSJ article has a link to a spreadsheet that makes tracking your miles very easy.

The original challenge, including responses, is here.

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