December 8, 2011

Keeping up the pressure

Since CelloMom has pledged to warm herself up in the mornings by moving rather than turning up the thermostat, the yard has started to look mighty tidy. The carport is next, but first it's the turn of the car itself, on which the tires are looking a bit soft.

See this widget?

It's a bike pump adapter; you can get it at your local bicycle store. CelloMom got hers at a Dutch market (veggies, flowers, bike parts; all you need really). It cost one Euro, which today is about $1.50, and tomorrow might be anything, depending on whether or not the Europeans manage to keep themselves together monetarily.

But we digress. The pump adapter, which usually lives in CelloMom's spare change purse, goes on the tire valve and makes it look like a bicycle tire valve. Out comes the bike pump, and in goes the air. When CelloMom was done it was suddenly no longer a crisp morning, but rather a mild day - very mild for December. Those tires really were soft; shouldn't have let it go this far.

For $1.50 (and a bike pump, which was already in the shed), you can save the $1 you need to feed the air pump at the gas station, plus $10, the daily cost of a gym membership, and a chunk of the heating bill for today. Now that's a win.

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