August 14, 2011

Why this blog

Why CelloMom writes this blog

In three words: Knowledge Is Power. Car makers (and, let's face it, manufacturers of every type of goods) try to tailor their offerings to their local market. As a result, they only offer a fraction of their product line in the US, based on what's called market research. Such research is always tricky, and especially so in a market that's as large and diverse as the US, where myths abound, particularly around cars and driving.

We don't always realise that our buying choices are limited to what manufacturers think the "typical American" will buy. Often, foreign car makers only offer their largest models for sale in the US, and/or the ones outfitted with the largest engines. Entire lines are not even on offer. CelloMom, who has a great distrust of statistics when applied to people's preferences, finds this approach misguided. CelloMom believes that the "typical American" does not exist, and that vast numbers of American individuals would make their own choices differently from the typical American when given a chance. (For completely disclosure, CelloMom is one of those untypical individuals who often finds herself way outside the boundaries defined by market research).

CelloMom offers to share her findings on her quest for the family car that is friendly on the planet (as well as friendly on the budget). CelloMom will report from both inside and outside the box. Call her subversive, if you will. Call her a serpent offering an apple. Knowledge is still power.


Why you might want to read this blog

If you are not into serpents bearing apples, don't read this - it's your choice. If you are curious, and want to enlarge your window on the spectrum of cars available today, you are welcome to look over CelloMom's shoulders as she trawls selected regions outside the box. CelloMom does not pretend to be complete, or systematic, or even objective. This is one individual's journey; come along if you want, or stay at home if you prefer.

CelloMom invites you to make forays of your own, and offers tools to help you navigate the often foreign-language websites where cool tidbits about fuel efficiency are to be had. What you do with that information is up to you. If enough of us are seized with desire for higher fuel efficiency, it will come. Just think of the rapid rise of the small car on US roads in recent years. It's just a start.

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