July 31, 2012


Topped off the tank after ten days. We're in a Skoda Octavia (of which more in a later post), running on diesel. Wakeful eyes on the back seat have spied the price, prompting a remark that fuel is cheap here: only 1.39.

"Umm: that's 1.39 pounds."


"Per liter."


At current exchange rates, that comes to $2.18 per liter, or $8.24 per US gallon.

In the UK, diesel is a bit more expensive than regular unleaded gasoline, as it is in the US. But unlike in the US, it is easy to find diesel: cars running on diesel are now so popular throughout Europe, that most stations have both gasoline and diesel at all pumps, even in small towns.

In fact, on some pumps the black diesel nozzles outnumber the green gasoline ones with the introduction of "premium" diesel, which burns faster (and, hopefully, cleaner).


  1. The price of fuel these days is downright scary. It's almost as intimidating as the amount you had to pay to get the car in the first place.

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