May 18, 2012

View from Abroad

There are plenty of American comedians and media pundits using laughter to comment on our love of big cars with big engines - here is one view from abroad: British comedian Sean Lock on how "Americans drive ... bungalows with wind screens".


And a fake ad from Australia: "With almost 100,000 homeless Australians facing another freezing winter, it's comforting to know: every kilometer you drive helps raise the temperature."


Culled from the "Ten funniest climate change videos ever" collected by the Brisbane Times


  1. Both those clips are hilarious.

    But I am still puzzled about your 'CSA'... What is CSA?


    1. CSA is community-supported agriculture. You buy a share of produce in January, and get a weekly share of the harvest as it comes. Local (super-fresh!), cheaper if you do part of the harvesting, shields the farmer from bad years. In good years some of the abundance lasts us until the next March (in the freezer). If the farmer decides to go organic, it's a great deal all around.

      The only drawback: when they shut down in the fall, my family doesn't eat veg for a few weeks: I keep forgetting to buy it in the supermarket.


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