September 20, 2011

Blue is the New Green!

Those who concern themselves with the plight of the oceans, and those who work to better the world's drinking water supply, have been saying for quite some time that Blue is the new Green. But you know it's a real trend when automakers jump on the blue bandwagon.

Even in 2006, Volkswagen coined the name "BlueMotion" for its clean diesel engines, and now has a corner of its US website dedicated to the "Think Blue" approach. In the same year, Mercedes Benz launched its BlueTec line, even though they still call it "thinking green".

That's a full two years before Adam Werbach, the CEO of Saatchi & Saatchi S, the sustainability arm of the advertising agency, started talking about the "birth of blue".

Early this year, Honda Automotive announced that its environmental label will be "Blue Skies for our Children", and the splash page for the Mazda Demio, launched this summer, is a cool blue all over, in keeping with the naming of its innovative super-high compression ratio engine: SkyActiv technology.

And of course, blue is the leading hue on Toyota's main pages for its hybrid vehicles such as the Prius and the Estima.

If you look at the technical specs for these cars, you will find that it's not all just pie in the sky. These cars might just ward off your gasoline-price blues.

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